Cyprus to re-open borders for tourists

The Cypriot authorities announced that the country will open its borders to foreign tourists from March 1.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios said that tourists will be able to visit Cyprus without quarantine restrictions if upon arrival they do not have a positive test result for COVID-19. Thus, the travel ban has been lifted for citizens from 56 countries.

The countries for which Cyprus will open its borders will be divided into categories. These are the member states of the European Union, countries belonging to the European Economic Area, third countries and other states.

Each country, depending on the epidemiological situation within it, will be marked with one color or another. Citizens arriving from ‘green’ countries will be exempted from taking the COVID-19 test.

Tourists from the ‘orange’ zones will need to present a negative test certificate for COVID-19 before boarding the plane. These arriving from the “red” countries will need to pass a COVID-19 test before departure and upon arrival in Cyprus.

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