How to Travel Light


Packing light has been the hardest thing so far, because we can’t seem to make decision on what to pack and the right backpack to travel with. Packing light has always been a problem especially for the ladies, but once you force yourself to pack smarter and lighter, your life on the road becomes so much easy and comfortable.

A minimalist approach to packing will make you more comfortable and more mobile. By keeping things carry-on size, you can even save a lot of money by avoiding extra check-in fees. And did I mention you can skip the wait at baggage claim?

Sounds nice, but I know it’s still all too tempting to over pack. I’ve met some people hauling up to 30 kg (66 pounds) worth of stuff in their way-too-huge backpacks. This is nuts! They sweat, they curse, and finally swear they’ll never pack so much again.

So here are some tips on her to travel light…

  Choosing the right bag

You can’t pack that well if you don’t have the right bag, the best way to avoid over packing is to get a smaller bag. It will reduce the temptation to keep adding more things, and it will force you to prioritize. The bigger the size the more you pack, and that how people over pack and pack some content they don’t even need on the journey.

Most carry-on size bags have a capacity of around 40 liters. For me, this is a perfect size if I’m staying in hostels or hotels (and not camping or anything). This size works amazingly well for a shorter trip, but even for full-time nomadic travel I found it pretty do-able; I traveled with just a 45-liter carry-on for two years straight without major issues.

 Packing the necessities

We all have the habits of over packing to the extent that we pack things that we don’t really need, so here are some basic principles to follow when packing light:

Pack the must-haves, not the nice-to-haves
lay out all your gear. Think long and hard about every item, then eliminate anything you don’t absolutely need. If it’s your first big trip, you might end up packing more things just because ‘more stuff’ feels somehow comforting and safe. But resist this urge to be over prepared. Many first-time travelers wish they’d packed half as much.

Don’t pack more than 1 weeks’ worth of clothing
it’s simply much easier to do laundry than to carry weeks’ worth of clothing. Pick some versatile favorites with a simple color palette so that you can easily mix-and-match every item.

Bring versatile instead of special-case items
Focus on items that will be useful to you all the time (or have multiple uses), and think twice about anything you’ll use only on unique occasions. Keep in mind you can often rent gear locally, or find a cheap temporary fix instead of carrying something for a one-time use. Remember that there are shops all over the world, even in seemingly remote places! If you forget something, you can usually still buy it there. You don’t have to pack what you can easily buy at a convenience store.

That said, try not to pack at the last moment. Always pack a day or two before the intended day of travel. If you’re in too much of a hurry, you might stress out and stuff your bag too full.

Oh, one more good rule: always try to keep a quarter of your bag empty. It makes loading and unloading easier, and can be used for storing souvenirs or gifts.

 The benefits of packing light

  • It saves money
  • It saves time
  • makes multi-destinations trips less of a stress
  • less risk of bodily injury moving all that weight around
  • it provides more time for sight seeing
  • it reduce stress
  • keep hands free for extra activities
  • reduce the level of insecurities

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