Getting away is not easy as planned. You must be prepared which can be quite frustrating if you don’t know what to pack.

So here’s our recommended pack list for a perfect weekend getaway.

A Perfect Weekender Bag and smaller bags. A bag that wears like a backpack but can be carried by handle or strapped on like a shoulder bag also. The perfect weekender bag. Also, little carry-on bag, toiletry bag, messenger bag and make-up bag.

Comfortable Clothing. One little black dress or a sundress that can be worn for day or night, one light sweater, one t-shirt or tank top, one cute and flirty top, one dressy top to be worn for day or night, great with a pair of dark denim for evening out, two bras, one denim, one everyday casual pants, one pajama, one pair of socks, three underwear.

Shoes. There’s an argument that goes – nude is the new black! If you agree with that, pack a pair of nude shoes. Otherwise, pack your black shoes. Either will go with your little black dress. And choose a wedge, they’re cute and way more comfortable than heels. Also, pack one pair of sandals, one pair of flats (some call them Toms).

Accessories. One pair of sunglasses, hair ties/bobby pins, jewellery – earrings, watch, ring, necklace.

Toiletry.  Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss. Face wash. Moisture Lotion. Aloe Vera Fresh lotion. Chapstick. Shampoo + conditioner. Body wash + loofah. Cotton buds. Deodorant + perfume. Nail filer. Brush/comb. Hand sanitizer. Tissue

Make-up. A small make-up bag. Foundation/mineral veil. Eye primer/eyeshadow/ eyeliner/mascara/curler. Lipgloss

Medicine. Asthma inhaler (if asthmatic). Ibuprofen/Paracetamol. Anti-allergy. Multi-vitamin. Antacid. Loperamide (if you are prone to a running tummy ).

Miscellaneous. Zip-lock bag. Plaster. Gum. Tablet. iPod. Cell phone charger

All these items will pack neatly into a perfect weekender bag with no problem.