Five Cool Fashion Tips For The Travelling Man

If you are a frequent flyer, chances are you constantly have to update your wardrobe according to your travels, destinations and reasons for travelling.

It is one thing to know how to shop, it is another to have style.

Do you have style? Here are some tips.

Have Self-Confidence. Before anything else… understand that a big chunk of style depends on a confident attitude. Self-confidence doesn’t just help you engage with women. It’s an internal driving force for remembering who are you are, what you stand for.

So how do you build that confidence? Start by learning from a good mentor. An older guy who exudes confidence the second he makes eye contact with anybody. Aside from that, master the art of power posing whenever you lack self-confidence. You’d be surprised by how many simple actions like the “Superman pose” can benefit us mentally.


Level-Up Your Footwear. Still wearing only running shoes all the time? Explore other options. Why? It boils down to a traditional school of thought that’s still alive and well these days: you can judge a man by his shoes. People see shoes as a way of measuring your net worth – or assuming your career and social status. A pair of quality leather shoes is one of the best investments – provided it’s durable and comfortable to wear for many years. It’s not just about looking sharp. These shoes represent attention to detail, and how carefully you present yourself.

If it doesn’t fit… At home, you might still enjoy wearing those baggy shorts or oversized shirts even though you have slimmed down… But outside, remember that fit is king. It’s your top concern in the style pyramid (before you think of fabric and function/style) for any clothing item. Rule of thumb: If it doesn’t fit – do NOT buy it. It won’t work.

QUALITY Over Quantity. What good is a wardrobe that’s oversaturated with items that either make you not feel good about wearing them or are difficult to match with one another? Truth is you’d never feel good about them. Aim to build your own interchangeable wardrobe which includes a good core of white and blue dress shirts; simple ties with dark shades of blue, green or red, sometimes with small repeating patterns; jackets, trousers, shoes with the right colours and textures, making sure they don’t clash with your shirts.

Don’t Wear Worn Out Clothing. Frayed collars and cuffs. Chaffed hems. Discoloured T-shirts. Get the picture? Certain jean styles might’ve been trendy once upon a time. But they don’t work any longer. Throw out out-dated clothes from your closet right away.

Time to make bae love you more. Trend. Step up to what works: clean, well-fitted indigo jeans. A couple of dark-coloured slacks or chinos add variety.


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