TGIF – 5 Great Escapes For A Quiet Weekend In Nigeria and Ghana

It’s another weekend and it’s time to let your hair down.

Feeling like some me time? Here are some suggestions for a great escape in Nigeria and Ghana to have a quiet weekend.

La Campagne Tropicana. A picturesque beach resort located after the Lekki Free Trade Zone, it is a great place to go to for a sensual weekend getaway. Let the salty sea breeze hit you far away from the car fumes. Time to go barefoot and if you are daring, go bikini and shorts. If you must watch TV, prop feet on laps and give yourselves a rubdown. Pamper yourselves so after a long day on the job, and you’ll probably be each other’s favorites forever.

Elmina Bay Resort. Located at the Cape Coast/Elmina area, in the heart of the historic Central Region of Ghana, it offers a peaceful and tranquil retreat, retaining much of its natural environment. Take lots of walks together. And when you’re out together, touch often—resting hand on arm, rub backs, graze legs at the table. Couples in love are usually super tactile, and physical contact always sends the signal of super closeness.

Yankari Game Reserve. This is a broad wildlife park located in the south-central part of Bauchi State. It is the home of various natural and warm springs. Your escape to this rendezvous embedded in the West African savanna, home to, perhaps, Nigeria’s largest collection of fauna, north of the Benue, is highly recommended. And when you’re together, please keep your cellphones away and focus on yourselves – undivided attention. If you do so you will show that you’re 100 percent absorbed  with each other, which will interpret to mean you are together, forever.

Hillburi Resort, Aburi. Located at the spectacular Akwapim mountain range in the Eastern Region of Ghana, the resort is a 40 minute drive from the capital Accra and along the Aburi Road. Hillburi affords breath-taking views over the evergreen valley and plains of the surrounding mountains. Let’s play a game here. When your love is showering in the morning, sneak in and write “Bye babe, miss you already!” on the mirror with your finger, then slip out and get lost for up to three hours. Go explore.  And just when they are getting apprehensive, show up with some treats  you’ve picked up along the way. You’ll have someone thinking about you all day.

Calabar Harbour Resort & Spa. Great things come in small surprises. Thinking of a healthy getaway, this is the place to be. Ensconced in the suburbs of the colonial relic south-east of Nigeria, the Calabar Harbour Resort & Spa is notable for its spa. Quite ideal for couples, hit the gym together. You don’t exactly have to compete at pumping iron, but by being there together you’ll reap the connection-boosting rewards of that post-workout endorphin high. And to ward of the punishment of exercise aches, go for a good massage.


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